High Speed Doubling Machine

High Speed Doubling Machine

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High Speed Doubling Machine

Product ID: YH-2002B

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Because of the great demands, the textile industry is enjoying a massive boom and occupies a unique place. In order to keep pace with customers’ huge demands, we continue to supply top-class products and services. We adopt the optimal technology to improve the quality of fabric weaving and knitting.

High speed doubling machine is one of our classic item, which is mainly applied to cotton, wool, filament, blended yarn, bunching processing. Owing to the premium grade components used, these machines provide trouble free performance. They own reversible spindle drive that is mainly used for S or Z twisting. Three roller yarn delivery system is especially suited for use with high yarn speeds. The item is perfectly capable of twisting metallic yarn with better strength, softer hand feeling. It is your best choice.

Machine StyleDouble side/ Single Deck
Spindle Pitch 280mm
Bunching 2-3 thread
Appliance 17-200Nm
Doubling Speed 200-800M/Min
Drum size Φ 43*170
Take-up Bobbin Φ 130-Φ 200 *152
Transmission Detached transmission
Stop motion Electronic-Auto.
Full Loading Stop Electronic-Auto.
Anti-Lap motion Electronic-Auto.
Install Power 60w/end
Application: For Cotton, Wool, Filament, Blended Yarn, bunching processed.

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