Filamant TFO Twisting Machine

Filamant TFO Twisting Machine

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Filamant TFO Twisting Machine

Product ID: YH-310A

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As an experienced textile machinery manufacturer, the filament yarn twisting machine is applicable to multi filament polyester, nylon or viscose. The quality made equipment has highly efficient twister keeps a very low noise level, and it features a great durability characteristic. Besides, the speed control of the yarn twister is by the inverter, and once the inverter starts to work, the machine begin to keep working smoothly. The yarn twisting machine also comprises a superior quality gear to change the system for all types of settings. The durable spindle can withstand continuous work for long durations with high productivity. We offer 2 types of machines in gauge 225 mm with twist capability from 200 to 3000tpm and 150 to 2000tpm, satisfying all customer requirements with respect to productivity, quality, reliability and safety.

There are a great deal advantages for you if you choose our product because we only manufacture high quality of twisting for filament yarn. The yarn twisting machine is easy for you to operate and at the same time, under rigorous condition during using the equipment. We also have some protection strategy for your safety concern, so there is a protected function design for avoiding the sudden stop of the electricity. Moreover, this environment friendly equipment has very low noise level. 

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Filament Yarn Twisting Machine is applicable to multi filament polyester, nylon, viscose,  1. We manufacture high quality of twisting for filament yarn easy to operate and use under rigorous conditions. 2. The twister made is by us keeps a very low noise level and is of great durability. Speed control by inverter and machine star keeps smoothly. 3. Machines comprises a superior quality gear change system for all types of settings 4. Machine is with protected function when the power is stop suddenly. 5. It is environment friendly in the sense that it has a very low noise level.

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