Shoelace Tipping Machine

Shoelace Tipping Machine

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Shoelace Tipping Machine

Product ID: CMtm-102 / CMtm-103

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The shoelace tipping machine offered by Charming Star is quality made for tipping shoelace.  The machine is available for various kinds of shoelace round tip, and also reticule rope eave tile, which is normally designed with quality mold for worldwide demand.  With the use of the advanced mould, the technique of processing has changed increasingly.  It combines shaping plastic pieces to form the machines, and then tying the shoelace up together during the production. 

In order to make the machine works more precisely, we have the best R&D team to improve the quality and function to our customers.  The shoelace tipping machine can also be equipped with counting devices for making the production in high efficiency.  If you are looking for machines to produce shoelace round tip and reticule rope eave tile, Charming Star is your best choice!

  • Shoelace Tipping Film
    • Thickness: 0.18 ~ 0.28mm
    • Width: 25 ~ 40mm
  • Hand Bag Tipping Film
    • Thickness: 0.40 ~ 0.42mm
    • Width: 42mm

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