Automatic Multi-Function Tipping Machine

Automatic Multi-Function Tipping Machine

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Automatic Multi-Function Tipping Machine

Product ID: CMtm-101HB

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Charming Star is experienced in supplying narrow fabric needle loom, crochet knitting machine or automatic multi-function tipping machine for customers worldwide.  The automatic multi-function tipping machine is also a kind of fully automatic shoe lace tipping machine, a patent-designed device for finished products loading and counting devices.  The automatic design is able to exchange the next hook of the loading device, which can also help you save time and labor-cost during the manufacturing.  Our quality multi-function machine is ideal for tipping shoelace, garment strings or hairdresser.  We are professional in manufacturing series tipping machines for various needs, and we are glad to serve you the best machines. Please feel free and send your inquiry to us today! We are 

Suitable for tipping various kinds of garment strings, shoelaces, shoelaces with printed film and carrying bags. Easy to operate micro-computerized device for precise positioning. 

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