Auto shirnk sleeve machine

Auto shirnk sleeve machine

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Shrink Film

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For various production factories, medicinal, food, drinks / beverages, cosmetician and chemical factories..etc
Model HK-5200
Power source 1P / 220V
Change-Free knife plate ¢55 ~¢95 (2 1/8” ~ 3 1/2” )
Main Motor 2.5KW
Label insertion Length Max. 200mm ( 7 1/2” )
Range of Label Thickness 0.035~0.04mm
Materia of Label PVC / PET / OPS
Shrink Tunnel Power 5KW~17.5KW
Machine dimension L.W.H 1000*800*1500
Production Rate Max. 200BPM
  • Can be operated online with a production line or operated individually.
  • Powered elevation design. Smoothly constructed throughout. The machine is suitable for various bottle shapes.
  • Suitable for square and round bottles that required a simple setup only.
  • Equipped with castors with brake for easy moving.
  • Specially designed knife plate is change free within the rated specifications.
  • Convenient change of specifications without any tool
  • Fully stainless steel constructon, features maximum durability and convenient cleaning.
  • Transparent upper id provide clear visibility for packaging operation

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