Maho Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Maho was a manufacturer,established in the 1988, accompany with the trade marks TRADE MAX marketing to all over the world, to construct long term cooperation relationship with our client we got reputation from the tapping field that we had many our own exclusive monopoly. Maho was specialized in Pneumatic tapping machine, Hydraulic tapping machine, Electric tapping machine and relative assocceries, including tap holder and quick change tapping chuck in Taiwan have been 20 years. We are attach importance to brain gain, staff training in order to bring out the best quality,innovation and output new design , best quality and innovation. Our products series AQ-08-950, AQ-12-950, AQ-16-950-AQ-20-1000, AQ-22-1000, AQ-24-1000,AQ-27-1000, AE-08-700, AE-12-700, AE-16-700, AE-20-700, AE-22-700, AE-24-700, AE-27-700, AS-08/II, AS-12/II, AS-16/II, AS-20/II, AS-22/II, AS-24/II, AS-27/II, AT-08/I, AT-12/I, AT-16/I, AT-20/I, AT-22/I, AT-24/I, AT-27/I, AT-08/II, AT-12/II, AT-16/II, AT-20/II, AT-22/II, AT-24/II, AT-27/II, HM-24, HM-32, HM-42, HM-50, HMT-24, HMT-32, HMT-42, HMT-50, EMT-32,ATH-12-1,ATH-12-2,ATH-12-3...and so on.

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