Corrugated Counter Collector / Ejector

Corrugated Counter Collector / Ejector

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Corrugated Counter Collector / Ejector

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Counter Collector / Ejector:

The squaring unit uses pressure from air hold down system to keep the finished cases square and allow the glue to set.

The automatic counter can be moved left and right to keep it centered on the paper stack.

An exhaust fan helps to keep the boxes tight against the take off belt.

The paper stop and board inserter are numerically linked and can be electrically micro adjusted.

The size of each batch of boxes can be preset so that the boxes are automatically lifted out when the preset number is reached. The height of the board can also be adjusted to keep it from topping over.

An electrical sensor adjusts the pressure on the board during take off and transport to keep stacks from topping.

Counter Collector & Ejector

Squaring Unit

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