Corrugated Cardboard Making Equipment

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Generally, one complete corrugator line produces corrugated cardboard and it's composed mill roll stand, preheater, single facer, overhead bridge conveyor, glue machine, double backer facer, NC slitter scorer, NC cutter, auto down stacker and boiler device etc.

Main production starts from kraft paper roll infeed into the mill roll stand and being heated and adjusted humidity of liner paper through prheater. Continue entering into single facer and drive through corrugated roller to form flute shape and finally glued with the other liner paper to become to a single will corrugated paper. Follow by delivery of single wall corrugated paper through overhead bridge conveyor and to be heated again by triplex preheater and apply glue through glue machine. It must further go under the double backer facer by heating and cooling system to from complete corrugated cardboard. To later put and end by slitting, scoring and cut off action to make the corrugated board become squared size one by one. The corrugated board now finally after meeting the setting counting of stacks by using the auto down stacker to count and out the corrugated board in order before delivery.

  • ISO 9001

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