Our Actual Manners are as Follows:
1. Promotion System: Project by Proposals

  • Since customers' inquiry, we take advantage of proposal to help customers for their equipment needs, as request.

2. Project System: Project must meet to the customers' needs

  • For every order, we always establish a team to plan the products meeting to customers' needs and controlled by PDM computer system.

3. Purchase System: Keeping the function of spare parts

  • We take advantage of Production Management to produce the products which customers need by assembly orders to make entire production be perfect and shipment on time.

4. Quality management System: By checking

  • Because we have a set of ISO 9001, we focus on the check and inspect about products. We usually take advantage of "Management of Walking" to lead our all employees to make quality management system be enforced.

5. Assembly and Test: Assembly by instrument

  • Assembly is our spotlight. We have a lot of tools, such as Base, Frame, Cross Beam and so on to deal with the machines of assembling. Our all spare parts which equipped on the frame are put into the actual positions. Before assembly, we request that engineers take advantage of the actual measure instrument to inspect the machines.

6. Installation and Test: Negotiation and Training

  • Before installation, we will negotiate with our customers to arrange the schedule of installation and test. We will take advantage of the instrument of inspect to adjust the position of machines to make the test of machines process. During installation, we explain and introduce every device of machines and their function with operators in order to shorten the period of learning. During test, we negotiate with customers to arrange operators and train them. According to the specification of customers' orders, we actually test and produce machines. Therefore, according to various orders, we test machines through different ways, and the operators realize their function and operating for meeting customers' needs.

7. We focus on the service of every stage. We think that responsible for responsible for trustworthiness is the importance for company's keeping business. For "before service," we provide the most complete information by proposals. We take care of every customer's questions and reply them as soon as possible. For "sale service," we emphasize projects and processing and use "Quality Management System" to meet the function of products. During producing, we will focus on every customer's questions to deal with them. For "after service," We think that quick response is unique. For customers' questions, we give the customer a reply in time. If the question happens in the machines, we will arrange engineers to deal with them, according to the contracts. We will provide a lot of knowledge and information about products.

8. Engagement: Service is our best engagement.

  • Oranda Company hires many Taiwan engineers having experiences. They use the most advanced technology and skills to produce machines. They have founded a lot of the network of selling and services, due to many employees' efforts. We are devoted our customers to services and win the rewards of customers.

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