IW-85KD Ironworker

IW-85KD Ironworker

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Product ID: IW-85KD

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  1. Two cylinders for simultaneous dual operation.
  2. 410mm of punching station throat.
  3. Hydraulic hold-down for all shearing stations.
  4. Punching accessories for Mubea tooling up to 50mm.
  5. Electric backgauge.
  6. Working light. 

Optional Tooling

 Large vee-notcher.

 (punch side)

    Channel shear onIW-85KD.  Pipe notcher
 Single vee pressbrake.

    Multi vee press brake.  Large hole punching.
 Goose-neck die holder 

 for punching channel

 flanges and webs.

Punching Pressure 85 Ton
Punch Capacity Ø27 x 22
(Diameter x Thickness) Ø50 x 12
Throat Depth 410
Channel Flange Punch 75 ~ 180
Maximum Stroke Length 100
Cycles / Min. (15mmStroke) 38
Working Height Up to Die 1,050
Angle Shearing
Shearing Capacity 110 Ton
Shearing Cylinder Stroke Length 50
At 90° Shearing 130 x 130 x 12
Working Height 1,040
Bar Shearing
Round Bar Shear Ø45
Square Bar Shear 45 x 45
Channel Shear 152*
I - Beams Shear 152*
Flat Shearing
Flat Bar Shearing 406 x 17
Blade Length 410
Working Height 726
Rectangular Notcher (W x D x T) 63.5 x 90 x 12
Channel Notching 180 ~ 200
Working Height 1,050
Special Tooling
Large V-Notcher (Side x Side x T) 145 x 145 x 10*
Vee-Notcher (Side x Side x T)  105 x 105 x 12*
Single Vee Press Brake (W x T) 250 x 15*
Multi-Vee Press Brake (W x T) 500 x 5*
Angle Bending 102 x 8*
Pipe Notching dia. 100mm
Electric Power (HP) 10 HP
Net Weight (Apr.) 2,750 kgs
Gross Weight (Apr.) 2,900 kgs
Machine Dimension (Apr.) 1,755 x 1,020 x 1,865
Packing Dimension (Apr.) 2,150 x1,180 x 2,170
Unit: mm
*:optional tooling.
Based on material strength of 45kg/mm2 tensile.
Design and specifications subject to change without notice
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