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The IW-45K is a compact ironworker that comes complete with a notcher.The frame recess below the punching station allows punching on the flange of large size channel or beam profiles. Mitre shear of angles can be carried out at the flat bar shear station. This model incorporates versatility, efficiency, accuracy and ease of use at an excellent price.

Optional Tooling

 Urethane stripper

   Punching at notcher end

 Channel shear

 Hydraulic holddown    Vee-notcher  Press brake


Punching Pressure 45 Ton
Punch Capacity Ø22 x 15
(Diameter x Thickness) Ø40 x 8
Throat Depth 165
Max. Stroke Length 30
Cycles / Min. (15mmStroke) 37
Working Height Up to Die 1,050
Flat Shearing
Flat Bar Shearing 300 x 10
Blade Length 310
Working Height 800
Angle Shearing
Shearing Capacity 45 Ton
At 90° Shearing 75 x 75 x 6
Working Height 1,000
Bar Shearing
Round Bar Shear Ø30
Square Bar Shear 25 x 25
Channel Shear 76*
Ironworker I - Beams Shear 76*
Rectangular Notcher (W x D x T) 50.8 x 90 x 7
Working Height 1,050
Special Tooling
Vee-Notcher (Side x Side x T)  90 x 90 x 8*
Single Vee Press Brake (L x T) 160 x 8*
Multi-Vee Press Brake (L x T) 250 x 4*
Ironworker Angle Bending* 65 x 8*
Pipe Notching* dia. 50mm
Electric Power (HP) 5 HP
Net Weight (Apr.) 840 kg
Gross Weight (Apr.) 940 kg
Machine Dimension Apr. 1,050 x 760 x 1,490
Packing Dimension Apr. 1,320 x 920 x 1,770
Unit: mm
*:optional tooling.
Based on material strength of 45kg/mm2 tensile.
Design and specifications subject to change without notice
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