Artworldcn Enterprise Limited
Artworldcn Enterprise Ltd was established in March 2006, registered in Hong Kong, China. Initial registered capital of 5 million Hong Kong dollars.
Artworldcn Enterprise Ltd rely on the huge industry market in mainland China , integration of China's high-tech industry, logistics supply chain industry, the financial services industry and other resources ,it is a international import and export trade, foreign trade and economic cooperation, foreign trade, mainly the operation of a comprehensive capital enterprise
Artworldcn Enterprise Ltd operations center set up in Shenzhen where nearby Hong Kong, our office with unique geographic, information, contacts, and transportation advantages.
Shenzhen city is a window of China, also is an emerging international city. Shenzhen is China's comprehensive strength ranks the top five cities. Shenzhen City is the center of commercial, manufacturing, trade, logistics, information, finance and other industries in south China.
Artworldcn Enterprise Ltd is mainly engaged in the high-tech product development, sales and trading services, we have many fixed production and processing cooperation company which located in China and some Southeast Asian countries and regions. We signed with them for long-term co-production agreements, their production and design can according to our strict requirements. Therefore, we can get trust and good reputation from the client on products quality and brand.
As China's economy booming, country infrastructure,with industrial production of huge amount of demand, will require a global range of natural mineral resources to build our modern industrial base. Artworldcn Enterprise Ltd also engaged in the business of import and export of Natural resources. It is including gold, silver, copper, iron, nickel and other minerals for imported and selling.

We provide quality products and comprehensive services which show on our website. We welcome the customers who have potential demand to contact with us.

Our honor comes from customers on our recognition and appreciation, from our partners for our support and help, from the value of our enterprise tireless pursuit.

Artworldcn Enterprise Ltd adhering to the constantly improving product quality, continuous improvement of quality services to meet customers, business and social needs.

Artworldcn Enterprise Ltd Enterprise Value:
With excellent product quality, with excellent service concept, get the trust from customers.
Artworldcn Enterprise Ltd brand value:
Manufacture better products, good customer service, serve the community

Artworldcn Enterprise Ltd company's talent :
Staff of intellectual wealth of the enterprise, we respect the value of talent.

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