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Main products of our company are:
1. Plant extract :

2. IQF fruit/frozen fruit:

3. Fruit juice concentrate:

4. Natural extract powder:

5. Pigment/Natural colorant:

6. Insect extract

7.Plant oil

Feature of Our company
high-tech enterprise specializing in plant extract and foodstuffs.

2.Forest resource
located in the forest Daxinganling where the natural environment remains undestroyed in China.

to get 1000 wild plant materials, absolutely natural.
such as:
copperleaf.monkshood. buckeye. agrimony. witch s hair lichen. leek. Angelica. Artemisinin. Tatarian aster. blackberry lily. Groundcone. silvergreen bryum moss. capsaicin, capsaicine. Celandine. reindeer lichen. reindeer lichen. cup lichen. Cladonia. cup lichen. reindeer lichen. cup lichen. Snowparsley. Aweto. Corydalis. Dodder. flatsedge. wild yam. alpine clubmoss. Woodfern. madwoman s milk. Euphorbia. sweet fennel. funaria moss. Ganoderma. Gastrodia. Gentian. Geranium. Licorice. monkey-head mushroom. toothed clubmoss. St. Johnswort, pine bark. lily. lung lichen. sweetberry honeysuckle. Mayflower. liverwort . balsam pear. nettle root . Cactus. ginseng . shield lichen. parmotrema lichen . philonotis moss. plagiomnium moss. balloon flower. Solomon s seal. polytrichum moss. potentilla . Kudzu. Pulsatilla. Wintergreen. uniflower swisscentaury . daurian rhododendron. Rhododendron. black currant. rose flower. wild rose. red raspberry. white willow bark . elderberry . Burnet. schisandra . Skullcap. securinega . shrubby sophora. false spiraea . Sorbus. speranskia . Sphagnum. Sphagnum. Sphagnum. lady s tresses. snow lichen. Dandelion. whiteworm lichen . whiteworm lichen . thesium . red clover . sicklefruit fenugreek . globeflower . elm bark. navel lichen . navel lichen . beard lichen. beard lichen . Arbutin. lingonberry and so on