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。 Dongguan hartai Hardware Electronics Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production of Winder over the line and accessories Companies with professional engineers engaged in research and development of new and continuously improve and innovate and improve technical standards and manufacturing process. Engaged in various kinds of imported and domestic Winder Carbon goods mouth Tungsten line , Ruby Line mouth, too wire-guided round, Defense jumper, various ceramic pieces, as well as various types of tungsten steel mold design and manufacture. Company products are widely used in all types of FBT, the stator coil rotor motors, transformers, relays, micro-motors and micro-motor manufacturer, the production company guided needle wound widespread praise users, especially in Japan, Toray, Germany-chou and other imports Winder on the long-term use has reached several years, a safe and reliable quality, first-class after-sales service and reasonable prices, was recognized by the majority of clients, as long as they are of you, We strive to do for you. The company's production of the main products : 1, Winder lane system 1. Used in various types of aircraft Brand winding machine needle (called line Tsui ) Ruby guided needle and charring two tungsten needle. Transformer standard and non-standard guided needle (various brands Winder) 3. FBT used needle, motors, electrical relays used needle 4. Customers are welcome to the map to the target of various non-standard type, abnormal needle (Line Aguilar) 5. Specifications and various non-standard porcelain eyes, modular wire wheel, the jumper on defense, ceramics pigtail circle and wool circle Wound acrylic barrels (also known as Line enclosures) 2, all tension, tension-2001 to a company used to pursue : Quality first, quality services, reasonable price for the country

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