Sinobaler Hydraulic Baling Machine,Textile Baler

Sinobaler Hydraulic Baling Machine,Textile Baler

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Sinobaler Hydraulic Vertical Textile Baling Machine

Product ID: SVBT2-L1-300

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SVBT2 series of textile balers are especially built to meet the baling demands of the textile industry. It can bale all the types of textile waste such as clothes,carpet,cotton ,sponge ,towels,wiping rags ,cotton ,yarn,hemp,wool and other textile waste.etc.

An ideal model can be designed and equipped in SINOBALER to meet your specific baling requirements.

Available standard models can be divided into two classes:
(1) SVBT2-L1-300, SVBT2-L1-400, SVBT2-L1-500,SVBT2-L1-600
(2) SVBT2-F1-200, SVBT2-F1-400, SVBT2-F1-600, SVBT2-F1-1000

Features in common :

  • Equipped with independent emergency stop button
  • Single or double cylinder design for pressure control
  • Different compressing force models for choices
  • Integrate welding
  • CE marked

Outstanding features for each class :
SVBT2-L1-300, SVBT2-L1-400,SVBT2-L1-500, SVBT2-L1-600
Safe and convenient hydraulic lifting chamber door to accelerate working efficiency.

SVBT2-F1-200, SVBT2-F1-400, SVBT2-F1-600, SVBT2-F1-1000

  • Four-sided door opening for conveniently tying and baling

  • Single and double chamber models for choices

  • Two designs for options

Please login our website: for detailed models and specifications or please contact us to discuss your application so that we can recommend or customize suitable machine to meet your specific needs.

  • SVBT2-L1-300
    • Compressing force:30T
    • Feed opening size:600x400mm
    • Bales size:600x400x(400-700)mm
    • Compressing chamber size: 600x400x1200mm
    • Bale weight(approx.)30-80kg
    • Power:7.5kw
    • Voltage(customizable):380V,3phase,50Hz
    • Machine weight(aprrox.):1700kg
    • Overall dimension:1150x700x3500mm
  • SVBT2-F1-400
    • Compressing force:40T
    • Feed opening size:1000x500mm
    • Bales size:1000x600x(450-650)mm
    • Compressing chamber size: 1000x600x1450mm
    • Bale weight(approx.)50-100kg
    • Power:5.5kw
    • Voltage(customizable):380V,3phase,50Hz
    • Machine weight(aprrox.):1800kg
    • Overall dimension:1680x1400x3350mm
  • Two hydraulic Cylinders
    • SVBT2-L1 with two hydraulic cylinders for compressing and lifting the chamber box.
  • Wide mouth feeding door
    • Convenient for big-size material loading
  • Belting
    • Cross-belting keeps binding well for storage and transportation
  • Ram guides
    • Prevents platen from cocking when the chamber is unevenly loaded.
  • Electric system
    • With fine brand electric componants or brand of Schneider for optional
  • Safety guaranteen
    • Emergency stop botton keeps working environment safe.
  • Operation
    • Easy and trouble-free operation.
  • Certification
    • CE certified.
  • CE

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