Focus on the Client

Customer-oriented concept is fully rooted in all the departments in Sinospect. We focus on closeness to customers and are always committed to better contribution to customer's satisfaction by multilingual capability, rapid response, timely delivery, reliable quality and competitive price. To ensure each single tache is carried out under customer-driven quality, all the related departments are well informed of customer's specific requirements and needs.

Attributed to reliable quality and considerate service, Sinospect gains a great many long-term customers. We believe that we will embrace more potential customers into this procession.


A synergy is always worth more than the sum of each separated ones.Team solidarity implies cohesion and loyalty inside the team. To build an effective team is a key to our business success.We always focus on the constructive maintenance of team working and keep managing the demands of team dynamics, roles and processes.

Team-based reward system is established to encourage co-operation and mutual accountability. We believe in high employee retention and we make great efforts on fulfillment of individual development and relationship needs.


Technical innovation is taken through different approaches in Sinospect. That is why we can react flexibly to customers' changing needs. Furthermore, our employees are encouraged to think out of the box and be ready to make any change on her/him as long as it is necessary.

Sinospect appreciates any suggestions or comments from both inside and outside. Our team never stops their steps to make continuous improvement. Recognition systems are established to encourage employees' full participation in the whole quality control approaches.

Our corporate culture affords the great environment where talented people can be well motivated and developed.

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