Horizontal Balers

Horizontal Balers

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Horizontal Balers

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SHB1 series of manual-tie horizontal balers are ideal for automated baling of plastic film, barrels, cartons, bottles and other loose products. The materials can be baled into uniform square bales for the ease of transportation and storage by remote control and automatic return stroke.


  • The largest feed opening with the baling capacity up to 4 tons per hour.

  • Adopt independent air-cooled chiller for oil cooling

  • Easy baler installation on the ground without fang bolts

  • Automatically compressing and ejecting; manual-tie

  • Equipped with cutting knives with V shape blades (the material is SKD11) in feed opening and ram face

  • Equipped with SIEMENS PLC control system, TOKIMEC oil pump, YUKEN Electric valve

  • Long distance remote control for automatically compressing and emergency stopping

  • Alarm equipment to remind person to tie the bale

  • Optional conveyor(Power: 4kw; Speed: 10~30m/min;transducer control)for automatic feeding )

  • An ideal model can be designed and equipped in SINOBALER to meet your specific baling requirements.

    Available standard models: SHB1-1000, SHB1200

    Model:SHB1 -1000

  • Main motor size: 22kw

  • Cooling motor: 0.75kw

  • Compressing force: 1000KN

  • Throughput (approx./depend on the material used ): 2-3T/Hr

  • Feed opening size: 2400 x 1680mm

  • Compression chamber size: 3000 x 1100 x 830mm

  • Bale size: 1400 x 1100 x 830mm

  • Bale weight (approx./palstic film): 700kg

  • Cycle time: ≤70s

  • Weight (approx.): 12,000kg

  • Main oil cylinder dimension: Dia.250 x Dia.180 x 3500mm

  • Valve oil cylinder dimension:Dia.125 x Dia.70 x 950mm

  • High pressure pump: 21Mpa

  • Low pressure pump: 7Mpa

  • Independent cooling system: Air cooled

  • Compressing part:Controlled by electric relay

  • Please login our website: www.sinobaler.com for detailed models and specifications or please contact us to discuss your application so that we can recommend or customize suitable machine to meet your specific needs.

    • ISO 9002 COMPLIANT
    • CE

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