Sinobaler Paper Baler

Sinobaler Paper Baler

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Sinobaler Waste Paper/Cardboard Baler

Product ID: SHBA2

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SHBA2 series of auto-tie horizontal balers are widely applicable in baling bulky flexible packaging, paper trim, boxboard, printer's waste and many other fibrous products. Ideal for mid-volume needs for warehouses, distribution centers, box plants and document destruction facilities. Baling capacity can be expanded to 12t/h or even bigger if required.

1. Photoelectric switch activates baler when charge box is full.
2. Automatic tensioning ensures brick-like bales on all loose materials.
3. PLC control system, touch screen operating interface show the working status.
4. Simple setup needs, no special ground basis
5. Automatic ejector system; bale ejecting length can be adjusted, correctly record the baler amount, with the function of anti-slide.
6. Rapid automatic tying, easy for cleaning and maintenance.
7. Unique dispersive scissors design.
8. High efficiency and low noise hydraulic circuit system
9. CE marked
10. Larger compressing force models of baler can be chosen
11. Conveyor can be chosen for automatic feeding
12. A standard machine can be customized to meet your specific requirements

Available standard model: SHBA2-400, SHBA2-1000


  • Main motor size: 15KW

  • Compressing force: 400KN

  • Throughput (approx./depend on the material used): 2 ~ 4T/Hr

  • Feed opening size: 1200 x 720mm

  • Feeding chamber size: 1100 x 700 x 1000mm

  • Compressing chamber length: 3400mm

  • Bale size: 1800 x 720 x 800mm (the length can be adjusted)

  • Bale weight (approx./cardboard): 400kg

  • Cycle time:30s (can be adjustable)

  • Weight (approx.): 7000kg

  • Optional equipment
    Conveyor: Used for conveying material

    Please login our website: for more models or Please contact us to discuss your application so we can customize balers to suit your specific needs.


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