Zhucheng Dongxiao Biotechnology Co.Ltd
Zhucheng Dongxiao Biotechnology CO.,LTD ,System basing self on Corp. maize further processing big and powerful estate, use horizontal world amylum in the lead candy produces the new handicraft, the new devoting self's mind to amylum candy processes , the company sets up that beginning , starting point just keeping a foothold highly, open up an exhibition towards the new amylum candy product and technology field, and with our advantage, our effort and ceaseless developing and pay, with making prosper expecting amylum candy series of products providing extensive customer of home and abroad with safety , high grade, and promoting the entire marketplace developing。

  Zhucheng Dongxiao Biotechnology CO.,LTD ,And technology sophisticated equipment, handicraft residence whole nation and level of industry in the lead, all automations administration in having formed procedure of production and , the administrative system having formed perfect an integral whole equal to giving birth to a child , managing , serving's, we will take some as guarantee , enterprise is complied with compose start by force , do essence compose thin, the cause making prosper does out our due contribution by unceasingly sustained effort , for entire Chinese amylum candy with developing。

  "Be innovative , really, believe , work together , share ", the east dawn living things company will persist in continuing developing enterprise unceasingly , will make great efforts to open up the new field and, we will be consummate according to "not doing already first-rate , run after with no result, never discontinuous " enterprise spirit, insists on the enterprise style "being eager to make progress , going all out , being innovative , offering as a tribute " , abides by "a cooperation winning together, share innovative " enterprise manage idea, honest fulfill "for the customer creates value , create for enterprise profit, Be that society creates the beneficial result " company mission, together, Aioi glorious , develops side by side with extensive customer。

  Let us go hand in hand , establish better future together!

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