Fivestar Industries
'JHUNTRON' A rising Brand to offer you the maintenance free lighting equipments ......

FIVESTAR INDUSTRIES, A twenty-five year old group, with a vision of providing better solutions for healthy lighting equipments.... the people responsible for development have proved the superiority of product and this have resulted the association of major lighting companies of India for superior technology and product.

Being confident of providing better products and a regular improvement in the quality supported us to start manufacture of 'JHUNTRON, make Electro-Magnetic and Electronic Ballasts.

Passing all required parameters and quality control levels, we are now ready with products suitable to international market. The developments include a teller made product as well, which have always given a better response towards the big multinationals that normally go for their own brands wherever manufactured.

We always look forward to a better opportunity to explode the quality and product.

You're any requirement for 'Electro-magnetic or Electronic Ballasts' are welcome.

Rahul Jhunjhunwala
Chief Executive

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    • OEM Manufacturer
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