JP WAIN Magnetism (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of HONG KONG JP international Magent industry Co.,Ltd.which is a high-tech enterprise professionally engaging in research&development.production and sales of NdFeB magents. The company has production supervisors with years of practical experiences in industries as meterial,machinery,electronics,etc.
The company has an annual produciton of NdFeB inection bonded magnets for 1000T and various types of components for over 70,000,000pieces.thereby being able to timely and steadily provide customers with various 0.5MGOe~8MGOe NdFeB injection bonded magnets and ferrite and NdFeB injection particle materials.
The company's main products have Injection-moulded-ND-FE-B,Instrumentation injection-moulded magnetic,Sensor injection-moulded magnetic,Injection-moulded magnetic for speed sensor,Micro-motor injection-moulded magnetic,injection-moulded magnetic rotor,Alnico magnet,Odometer Sensor magnet,Automobile odometer magnet,Back-zero magnet,sensor magnet,Motor magnet,Cast Alnico magnet,Door sensor magnet,Instrumentation magnet,Automotive tachometer magnet,Oil pressure gauge magnet,Fuel Table magnet,Temperature table magnet,Bonded&Injection-moulded magnet,Sintered Nd-Fe-B,Nd-Fe-B box,NdFeB wafer,Tile shaped NdFeB,Special shaped NdFeB,Mold and particle,Cast Alnico,Sintered Alnico,etc.
The products are widely used in fields as instruments and meters, sensors and induction devices for automobile and metorcycle,stepping motors and permanent-magnet DC motors,OAmotor rotors and sound systems,etc.
Magnets can be guests in accordance with the requirements of the whole or part of Magnetizing.Our company specializes in manufacturing injection-moulded Nd-Fe-B magnet, the product is mainly used in automotive instruments, sensors, micro-motor, air conditioning and other electrical products;In addition my company's long-term supply of Injection-moulded magnetic NDFEB particles.Welcome vast number of customers are come to discuss cooperation .

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