Phoenix China Buying Office
Phoenix China Sourcing Office functions as China Sourcing Agent, China Buying Office, China Buying Agent and China Purchasing Agent, providing comprehensive China sourcing services for customers of all size interested in China sourcing, China Purchasing, China manufacturing and dedicated to find the best sourcing solution for them

China Sourcing services we can provide
1)Supplier selection
2)Factory visit and quality audit
3)Quality system accreditation
4) Sourcing risk evaluation
5) Contract negotiation
6) Order Follow-up
7) On-site support
8) Pre-shipment inspection
9) Delivery
10) Supplier management
11) Continuous quality monitoring
12) Customer satisfaction investigation

Our advantages to be your sourcing agent and buying agent in China.
1)Professional engineers with long experience in purchasing for well-known international companies.

2)Engineering and quality engineers with professional experience for different sectors of activity including home appliance, home & garden, hardware, mineral & metallurgy, personal care, rubber & plastics, automotive and motorcycles,security & protection, telecommunications, tools etc.

3)Full time engineers working at Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta, the two most prosperous and fully developed industrial areas in China can give you full support on your China sourcing activities.

4)More than 400 China supplier database covering various aspects of industrial products and components in all applications, including Motor,Engine,Pump,Metal fabrication,Plastics,Rubber,Electric components and electronic components,Finished good

5)Comprehensive China sourcing services Phoenix China Sourcing Office provided covering sourcing, quality audit, price negotiation, quality system accreditation, supplier development, pre-shipment inspection and supplier management.

Low-cost country sourcing in China is becoming more and more attractive for international companies, but most of them experienced difficulties with their purchasing in China , and we are dedicated to provide the best sourcing solution for them by finding the balance between low cost, good quality and management.

Phoenix China Sourcing Office can work as your China buying agents,China purchase office,China buying office,China purchasing office, China purchasing agent, China buyers agents and China purchase agent.
If you are interested in China sourcing business , we encourage you to raise any questions or comments that you might have in your preferred communication way listed as follows, we will give you a prompt reply.

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