Steatite ceramics (High frequency porcelain)

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LONGLY’s Steatite ceramics (namely high frequency porcelain, strengthened porcelain, magnesia porcelain), molecular formula as Mgo•SiO2, is pure white. Steatite is the appropriate option when good mechanical properties and electrical resistance are needed, and is one of insulating materials with relatively good strength that operates safely at temperatures up to 1,200° C. It has strong acid resistance, insulation property and adsorbability, and is a kind of ceramic for mounting purposes, which can be used as coil skeleton, mounting panel, bracket, various high frequency insulator, band switch porcelain axis, porcelain bushing, seal housing, resistor cores and casings and so on in the electronic products. Steatite ceramics (high frequency porcelain) has high heat insulation performance, good chemical stability, high pressure resistance and stability of electric properties with temperature and frequency variation.
.Steatite ceramics

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