NK Synthetic Waste Engine Oil Recycling Machine,Base Diesel Oil Making From Dirty Oil

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Series JZC Oil regeneration equipment is special for regenerating the black engine oil, it can effectively remove the wear debris, asphalt, wax quality, impurities, moisture, acid quality, organic acids and inorganic acids from oil, also it can get rid of the carbon particles, deep oxides and other fine impurities which disperse in oil. Series JZC can demulsify and improve oil color, making the regenerated oil color close to new oil color, recover the oil performance, after the regenerating process, the final products will be the base oil, which is suitable for making new diesel oil or lubricating oils. JZC machine is very suitable for the oil refinery company, also for the small oil company who want to make the oil by self.
1.After the JZC machine, the final products is the base oil for making the diesel and lubricating oil, the user can deployment the base oil to any model and any specification oils by adding different additives. (We can provide you the relative additive name and way)
2.Series JZC machine is energy-saving, environment friendly machine, during the process it just generates less waste (sludge), the waste (Sludge) doesn’t contains any oil, so it is no pollution for the environment (The waste/sludge also can be processed into a carbon toner for printing the raw materials); during the oil regenerating process, the oil-gas and low volatile are discharged after combustion of hydrocarbons and purification treatment, so, there is no odor and no environment pollution.
3. Series JZC mainly combust fuel (The fuel can be the waste engine oil self) to heat the waste engine oil, very less electricity consumption, so it is very low operation cost. During the regenerating process, you don’t need add any other chemicals; the all process is under high temperature distillation process (80-580C)

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