S-Nakin Vacuum Oil Recycling Equipment Manufacutures Co.,Ltd
Chongqing NaKin Oil Purifier Manufacture Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacture for various kinds vacuum oil purifier(oil filtration) from china. We supply motor/car engine oil regeneration system, transformer / insulating vacuum oil purifier ,and other vacuum oil purifier machine for turbine oil, hydraulic oil, diesel oil, gear oil ,cooking oil etc. Our products is in high quality and competitive price. We have many years experience and strong technology in the vacuum oil purifier manufacturing and exporting, our machine have been exported to many abroad countries, and service in many industries.

Nakin Products List:
Transformer oil purifier / Insulating oil Purifier
Series ZY NAKIN Vacuum Insulation Oil Purifier
Series ZYD NAKIN Double-Stage Vacuum Insulation Oil Purifier
Series ZYM NAKIN Closed trailer type / mobile type transformer oil purifier
Automatic Oil Tester (BDV oil tester for insulation oil’s dielectric strength)
Series IIJ-II NAKIN Automatic Oil Purifier
Turbine oil Purifier
Series TY NAKIN Vacuum turbine oil purifier
Lubricating oil Purifier
Series TYA NAKIN Vacuum lubricating Oil Purifier
Cooking oil filtration machine
Series TPF NAKIN cooking oil filtration machine
Coalescence and separating oil purifier (Diesel Oil, Gasoline Oil and Fuel Oil Purifier)
Series TJ NAKIN Diesel Oil, Gasoline Oil and Fuel Oil Purifier
Phosphate ester fire-resistant oil purifier
Series TYK NAKIN Phosphate ester fire-resistant oil purifier
Engine oil Purifier
Series JZS NAKIN Waste engine oil reycling system
JYWL Horizontal-closed type filtration device
Series JYWL NAKIN Horizontal-closed type filtration device
Plate Pressure Oil Purifier
Series PF NAKIN Plate Pressure Oil Purifier
Portable Oil purifier
Series JL NAKIN Portable Oil Purifying and Oiling Machine
Oil Purifier's Necessary Accessories
Series BZ NAKIN BZ Regeneration Device
Moisture Detector
Series NKEE NAKIN Oil moisture detector
Vacuum pump sets
Series NKVW NAKIN Vacuum pump sets
Air Dryer
Series AD NAKIN Air Dryer