Premo Group is the main Spanish inductive components manufacturer, one of three main Spanish electronic components exporters and it is a world leader in low frequency RFID antennas.
In Spain the Premo Group has productive centers in Barcelona and in the Technological Park of Andalusia in Malaga. Besides, it has two production centers in Wuxi (China) and another one in Tangier (Morocco).

The company employ more than 500 workers worldwide, among them there are more than 50 R&D engineers, to support our customers engineering teams. Premo group has a worldwide sales network in expansion and we are present in USA, Germany, Japan, Korea, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Italy, France, Israel, China and many other countries. 70% of the Premo Group revenues comes from foreign markets.

1. PREMO Inductive Components designs and manufacture power inductor since more than 45 years. PREMO is leader in R&D new technologies in China. It offers the longest customized inductive components range. PREMO is located in Barcelona, it offers the longest customized inductive components range, in different formats, as well as energy chokes, line and planar transformers, inductive components for Switched mode power supply, distributed power architectures in power supplies and current transformers. In its new catalogue presents powers from 5W up to 2600 W in the standard range and up to 10 Kw in custom designed.
2. PREMO RFID is located in Malaga and develops radiofrequency identification transponders. Premo RFID held an important share on the world market of transponder coils for automotive applications with a 70 % of the market in TPMS and 35 % in KES. Besides, it is present in animal identification market.
3. PREMO PLC is the components and accessories PLC first supplier due to their innovative products. This components and accessories for power line communications that allow the deployment of broadband services through the power lines. Within the accessories of PREMO PLC Components hightligth: Low Voltage inductive and capacitive coupling units, Blocking filters to prevent undesired propagation of PLC signal, Noise filters and impedance matching units to avoid that domestic appliances decrease PLC systems performance and coexistence filters for frequency band allocation in different PLC network sections. PREMO PLC Components also manufactures transformers and inductive components for PLC devices like modems and Ethernet adapters: Transformers of power supplies, Signal transformers, SMD power inductors and SMD ceramic coils.
4. PREMO EMC is the main Spanish manufacturer and it is securiting a place among the main ones in China due to its R&D and its EMC technical support. Members of EMC standarization Commitees and own Notified Body Lab (conducted emission test). It is located in Barcelona, designs and manufactures Electromagnetic Compatibility Filters (EMC/EMI) to eliminate electromagnetic interferences caused those which are used by wind turbine generator, frequency inverters and electronic equipment. The Premo range include single phase filters of 0,5A until three-phase filters of 990A; 3-phase filters and 3-phase inverters; one-stage, double-stage and compact size filters; and screened room filters and filters for domotic applications.

Company Profile

  • Factory Location
    Spain, China and Morocco
  • Established in
  • Annual Sales:
    34 million euros
  • No. of Employee
  • Business types
    • OEM Manufacturer
    • Exporter/Agent
  • Markets
      North America / West Europe / East Europe / Russia / East Asia / Southeast Asia / Mid-East / Africa / China / Hong Kong