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We(Advantel Optical Technology CO.,LTD) have been specializing ing in supplying fiberoptic-related(telecommunication-related) products with wonderful brands(like Fujikura,Furukawa,Fitel,Agilent,Tektronix,DVP and so on) for years:like fusion splicer;OTDRs;Oscilloscopes,optical porchcords and so on:
1,Wonderful products for great manufactures
2,Prefer long-term cooperation not one business benefit
3,High quality services with free technology guider
Following products we can regularly supply:
1,fusion splicers(Brand new & used):like Fujikura FSM-60S;Fujikura FSM-40S;Fujikura FSM-30S;Fujikura FSM-50S;Sumitomo Tyoe-39;Jilong KL-260C;Dvp-730 and so on.
2,OTDR Test System Equipments:like Ando AQ 7270;Acterna MTS-6000;EXFO FTB-150 and so on.
3,Other opitcal test system equipments and telecommunications test system equipments:like optical porchcords,adapters,pigtails and so on.
Welcome so browse our website:www dot advantels dot com,and you also can come to the MSN: suly_liu2008 at hotmail dot com(or email us to sales at advantels dot com) for more details!
Specials from July 23,2008-----------
1,Fujikura FSM-30S fusion splicer(1pc)

2,Fujikura FSM-40S fusion splicer(1pc)

3,Fujikura FSM-50S fusion splicer(1pc)

4,FITEL S175V2000 fusion splicer(1pc)

5,FITEL S199M4 fusion splicer(1pc)

6,FITEL S175 fusion splicer(1pc)

7,Tektronix vm700a[options:01-20] Videl Test Set(1pc)

8,Anrutsu MD6430A Network Data Analyzer(1pc)

9,Agilent 54855A Oscilloscope(6 GHz,20GSA/S,4channel) (1pc)

10,The much more special one for you:the total price of them is $12020=Fujikura FSM-16R fusion splicer(4pcs)+Fujikura FSM-30S(1pc) fusion splicer+Fujikura FSM-30R fusion splicer(1pc)+Fujikura FSM-20S fusion splicer(1pc)+Sumitomo Type-35 fusion splicer(1pc).
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