Stephen Technologies Co.,Limited
>>> Who are we ?
Stephen Technologies is a China manufacturer of VoIP and Networking equipments. As an innovative
manufacturer dedicated for VoIP & Networking equipments, we attach our importance on R&D.

Starting from 2000, Stephen Technologies begins its business with a series of

10/100mbps hubs & Switches. Over the past few years, we never cease our

development of new products, and have greatly enriched our production lines.
In the middle of 2007, CHIMA products covers a wide range of VoIP, Wired &

Wireless networking equipments.

CHIMA VoIP products covers Sip, IAX, H.323, MGCP protocols, which enables them to be widely applied in
Voice over IP solutions. CHIMA networking products covers a full line of managed & unmanaged, fiber
and copper, 10/100mbps, gigabit and 10 gigabit ethernet switches, media converters, wireless routers.
Stephen Technologies is the unique China manufactuer who produce a most complete range of pure fiber
and fiber to copper switches.

Not only being passionate in Researching and Development, Stephen Technologies is also passionate in

serving its customers with OEM service, VoIP or Network Solution support, Before-sale and After-Sale

technical support, multiple business solution support.

To achieve a Win-Win business, we leaves the largest margin space for our customers. And As a high-tech
enterprise, we always keep us informative to any industry news and we are always ahead in improving our
products & services. We understand what customers mean to us, and we cherish every opportunity we have
from our customers.

CHIMA OEM service Support
Whatever you are a CHIMA reseller, or Dealer, or Distributor, we offer you the multiple and colorful OEM
Service options.

CHIMA Aftersale Service Support
Stephen Technologies services all the networking and VoIP equipment we sell through our full team of
sales, distributors, dealers, resellers. And we offer 1-year warranty for all of our products.

CHIMA Solution Support
As a manufactuer being passionate in R&D, we support our customers with solutions. Whatever you are a
wholesaler, or system integrator, we serve you with solution applications based on our multiple line of
Networking & VoIP products.

CHIMA Technical Support
Before you purchase CHIMA products, CHIMA serves you with Before-Sale technical support.
After you purchased CHIMA products, CHIMA serves you with After-sale technical support

>>> Business Support
We offer our customerss multiple business solutions.
For customers who wish to work with us based on easy and low condition, we offer you the opportunity of
being a CHIMA Reseller; For customers who wish to resell CHIMA products on exclusive basis, we offer you

the opportunity of being a CHIMA Distributor or Dealer.

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