China Shaanxi Welong Im. & Ex. Co., Ltd.
Shaanxi Welong Im. & Ex. Co., Ltd. was established in 1995. The company specializes in castings and forgings made from ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals ; gray iron, stainless, steel and specialist alloys, copper, copper alloy, alluminum, alluminum alloy. The
process technique inc lude sand casting, gravity casting, investment casting, centrifugal casting, die casting and other precision

Welong have been helping clients worldwide achieve their business potential for the last decade.

Welong Foundry is our manufacturing company. It follows the most rigorous quality standards to promote excellent craftsmanship and world class quality products. Our products range from forging rings, rollers, connecting rods, shafts, axles, flanges, parts and fittings of a wind power and vehicles, engine hood, pump body, valve body, gear box or other component box, component case, furnace hearth rollers, linkage, slide body, flanges and so on. We can also process in accordance with supplied drawings, samples and other requirements.

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