Great Rubber Co., Ltd
Silicone Rubber Technology Leads Electronics Industry into New Century. Great Rubber Group, with its "Customer First" management philosophy, processes nearly fifty percent of the Taiwan Silicone market. Similarly, with such a stronghold in Taiwan, the company seeks to expand overseas. The company is already among at the top ten Silicone rubber producers in the world, and estimates to be in the top five within the next five years.
Great Rubber Co., LTD was established in 1979, known for manufacturing various types of Silicone rubber keypads. Since its establishment, the company has educated its staff, developed new technology, and imported the newest automated manufacturing machines in order to serve its customers. With nearly twenty years of hard work, Great Rubber Group has received the national and international recognition of well-known manufacturers in the field, whether it is regarding the company's experience, qualified personnel, market sales, or technology, Currently operating four factories and one Hong Kong branch office, the company has received ISO-9002 certification. Along with a stable and steady growth rate, all of these fators are guarantees of Great Rubber's product quality. All Great Rubber Group's subsidiary companies are independently operated, so that each division will have the drive to improve its own sales, while being able to cooperate with other divisions.

Company Profile

  • Factory Location
    Shanghai, Huiyang
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  • Business types
    • ODM manufacturer
    • OEM manufacturer
  • Markets
      World Wide