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Henan Zhongying Rubber Technology Limited Company is specialized is engaged in the waste tyre processing recycling waste rubber products and equipment research and manufacturing enterprises, the company independent research and development of the scrap tire processing line is the collection environmental protection, energy saving, recycling is one of the high-tech equipment, can be at room temperature will be treated as waste tires, waste rubber into ultra-fine rubber powder (30-200 mesh), one will tire and contained within the three major raw materials: rubber, steel wire and fiber completely separated, 100% recycled. Equipment performance is stable and reliable, high automatic degree and all the working process was conducted in a sealed condition, good production environment, can realize zero emissions, clean production, and can make the utilization of waste tires is highest, producing fine rubber powder products technology content high, the quality accord with standard of quality products, can be widely used in chemical industry, light industry, transportation, construction, plastics and rubber products, and other fields, and through "the rubber reducer" waste rubber can be restore to sulfide at the end of the previous state, to achieve waste recycling.
Technological process: from waste tires to decompose to crusher to the crusher, magnetic separator, fine crusher to sorting to grinding, sorting, packaging
Device name: circle cutting machine
Use way: at room temperature will tire sidewall and roof separation equipment, the aim is to cut bead rims, convenient production line the subsequent working procedure.
Structure features:
1, low power consumption, light weight, small size
2, high degree of electrification, low labor intensity, high yield per unit
3, cutting tool made of high quality alloy steel wear-resisting, long service life and can be repeated grinding

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