Chin Tai I Machinery Factory
Chi Tai Yi Machinery Co Ltd has been professionally designed, developed and producing packaging machinery since 1985, from producing the early mechanical packaging equipment to the sophisticated human-machine interface and PLC control system through continuously upgrading production facilities and our comprehensive precision mechanical technique.

We are pioneering automation techniques, we continuously developing faster packaging speed and continuously striving next level of precision packaging facility.

We apply user-friendly and people oriented approach to design and produce machinery to bring seamless operation, all our packaging machinery can be tailor-made to meet any industry and materials you are engaging, customize to your need for best suited accurate and ultimate packaging speed for your production line.

Impressively 50% of rice packaging machines in Taiwan are from CTY; such payoff is from our past 25 years of endeavors and responsible services rendered.

Most of our customers are major entrepreneurs from the following industries -
Rice and grain
Food stuff, condiments, spices and flours
Fodder and feed
Fertilizer and others

Features of Our Packaging Machine
Our comprehensive range of packaging machinery brings new era to the agriculture production and paving avenue to the future integration.

The agricultural sector especially powdered products such as flour production are prominent beneficiaries by using our fully automatic packaging machinery to enjoy great improvement from the traditional long packing process, intensive labor work and tremendous floating powder mess that were inevitably increasing production cost, and most importantly able to meet the high packaging volume during the harvesting time when time is a critical since agricultural goods has short lifespan in storage.

All our machineries test are based on individual production environment and materials using in their production line prior to leaving our factory premise, the objective is to have our machinery able to integrate into the production system and not to do hassle setting up at site. Our machinery are tested by the production line personnel before we complete the hand-over process to ensure all operating procedures are answered.

Our automatic weighing machinery is pneumatic powered and with clear and straight forward control layout in the touch control panel to support mass packaging work and smooth production, even meeting the volume production and multi sizes packaging.

Our service oriented technical team members have gained in-depth understanding of needs from various production line through our past 25 years of cultivation, our packaging machinery has become the ultimate choice for one who has got the first set from us.

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