ShenZhen Dovo Industry Co Ltd
Since the emergence of the 3D technology, it has been satisfying people's curious eyeballs with its fancy changing effect; the frames of stereoscopic vision products are virtually tangible for people; three-dimensional effect is bursting to get out, giving people a strong visual shock and letting them forget to return. With the improving of the computer image processing power, the quick changing of the output technology of printing, the constant reducing of the material costs and the continuous maturity of the craftsmanship, in several years, 3D technology will definitely replace the everydayness of the two dimensions, just as the way chromatic color replacing monochrome.
DOVO, as the most professional 3D glasses and 3D Lenticular Products manufacturer in China, is willing to contribute its efforts to this revolution, and provides the most professional and the best quality products with the excellent services.
In the past few years, DOVO has produced millions of 3D glasses and 3D Lenticular Products for different countries, and its products had been successfully applied into the fields of Advertisement, Company and Brand promotions, Cinemas, 3D games, Education, Magazines and Newspapers etc.
DOVO has been aiming at “to be the best solver of 3D project in China, to be the best supplier of 3D products in China”, and so far, it has achieved great achievements in 3D market at china local and abroad. Our company is devoted to the research and development of imaging and its ancillary products, giving the consumers a brand new visual enjoyment and also providing the global advertising industry and brand owners with the brand new means of products promotion.
DOVO gives priority to research and develop the advanced technologies and the quality control, so all of its products are through strict inspection of suppliers' raw material, products quality inspection, and inspections for hygiene and environmental protection.DOVO continuously lifts the enterprises core competencies in years of operation and strictly implements the quality management system, in order to guarantee it can continue to provide the customers with the best 3D products and the services, and make the end users experience the optimal 3D visual effects.