Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt. Ltd.
We activities related with Electrochlorination and Cathodic Protection for Power Plant, Desalination, Water Treatment etc..
Products from Tiaano for Electro Chlorinator

ectrolyzers [an assembly bundle of DSA Titanium Anodes and Cathodes] made from any forms like plate, tube, mesh and custom fabricated titanium and nickel alloy substrates.

Monopolar anodes, cathodes and bipolar electrodes as a spares for the electrolyzers.

CPVC, Clear PVC, PVC with GRP and Rubber (Ebonite) lined SS Electrolyzer Housing shell.

PTFE (Teflon), Silicon, Neoprene, EPDM Gaskets.

Titanium Coolers to maintain the Hypo temperature between 5 to 27° C.

Titanium, Steel, Copper & Brass Hard wares.
Titanium Pipes and fittings.
PVDF, PTFE, PVC Spacers.
GRP pipes for Hypo transfer.
Hydrogen Degassing Tank / Venture.
Titanium earthing electrodes.
Shell Connecting Rubber Bellows
Hypo Storage Tank.
Acid [HCL] Washing System.
Online Chlorine Analyzers.
System Skids.

Replacement / Refurbishment Capacity of Tiaano

We expertise for the replacement or refurbishment of electrolysers & other spares for Electrochlorinators, where the project executed by the following World Leaders, namely…
M/s. Seven Trent De Nora, USA [Chlortec, Seachlor, Sanilec, Omni pure, Balpure]
M/s. Siemens, USA [US Filters, Chloropac, Sanichlor, OSEC, Seapac, Electrocatalytic].
M/s. Daiki, Japan.
M/s. Mitsubishi, Japan.
M/s. Cumberland, UK.

M/s. Pepcon, USA.
M/s. Sespi, Italy.
M/s. Mitsubishi, Japan.
M/s. Electrichlor, USA.
M/s. Charles Thompson Limited, UK.
M/s. Sal-Chlor, Australia.
& many more unlisted companies too.

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