Foshan Lida Carbon Fiber Products Co., Ltd
Up to now, our company has developed and produced the following carbon fiber products used widely, which can be divided into the series as follows:
1. Carbon guide rollers and carbon rapiers used for textile machinery;
2. Muffler sleeves and exhaust pipes used for automobile and motorcycle;
3. Tripod tubes used for camera;
4. All kinds of fiberglass traffic sign posts: the carbon fiber traffic sign posts featuring light weight, good strength, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, and long service life, can be used as the substitute products of metal sign posts;
5. Sports equipment, such as ski sticks, cross-country sticks, hockey sticks, arrow shafts, and carbon sheets for table tennis bats, etc.;
6. Carbon cup holder and other carbon accessories used for bicycle;
7. Carbon fiddlesticks of violoncello, viola and violin;
8. Various sizes carbon plate, medical equipment board;
9. Mast, rudder pintle, and carbon dip net of sailing boat;
10. Series of ornamental articles, such as decorative protection sleeves of mobile phones and laptops, carbon fiber knife handles, carbon fiber spectacles, carbon fiber models, carbon fiber wine pots, carbon fiber lighters, genuine stingray skin finger rings, burning blue finger rings, fiber leather finer rings, wood finger rings, carbon fiber business card folders, carbon fiber bracelets, carbon fiber earrings, carbon fiber cuffs, carbon fiber clocks, carbon fiber tags, carbon fiber finger rings, carbon fiber boxes and bags.
Our company has a strong research and development team, and is expanding gradually in various new areas. There are many new products on the market to be customized. We can design a high-quality product for you as long as your drawings, pictures or samples are available!

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