The Hor Yang Machinery Industries Co., Ltd. was established in 1984, as a professional manufacturer of beverage filling machines, can seamers, food processing machinery and can-making equipments. Hor Yang strives to serve customers by using the highest quality and greatest precision equipment to produce world-class products.

We have installed a multitude of machines worldwide, in countries such as China, U.S.A, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Taiwan. We have received positive feedback from all our customers. In addition to provide low price and outstanding quality machines, Hor Yang continuously modernizes itself in order to satisfy customers' ever-changing needs.

Since its establishment, Hor Yang has dedicated itself to continuous research and development, in order to reach higher levels of technology. The innovative and patented features of Hor Yang machines have enabled the company to earn a distinguished reputation with domestic and overseas customers.

In addition to equipments supply, Hor Yang also offers the most comprehensive sales services, such as plant planning, machine installation, running tests, staff training and technical instruction. To strive for perpetual development and technical innovations, we will keep on manufacturing modern and advanced machines to bring greater value-added benefit for can-making and canning industries in global markets.

(www.horyang.com / horyang.com.tw)