Fengyue Tools Group Co., Ltd.
As one of lead professional hardware tools manufacturer and exporter in China.
We adhere to the principle that the quality is first and always do our utmost to satisfy Our

customers'demand. It is our hope to promote both trade and friendship.
We produce high quality products as following:
1. Drill bits for Masonry: Sds-plus electrical hammer drill, masonry drill bits.
2 Drill Bits for Metal:HSS Straight Shank Twist Drill Bit,Taper Shank Twist Drill Bits,HSS HEX Twist Drill Bits,Body Drill Bit,Extra length drill Bit,Reduced Shank Drill,Centre Drills,HSS Weld spot drill bits,HSS DrillSaw,Countersink,
Muti Cutter,End Mill,
Pilot Drill Bit for wood counterbore screw,Step Drill.
3 Drill Bit for Wood: Wood Flat Drill Bit,Boring Bit,Wood Auger Drill Bit,HSS Brad Point Wood Drill Bit.
4 Tap and Die
5 Diamond tools: Diamond cutting/grinding/turbo disc, core driller, diamond hole saw.

Anything we can serve, please do not hesitate to let us know. We try our best to do well for

your business. We look forward to receiving your enquiries soon.