Hangzhou Xiaoshan Jiajia Tools Co.,Ltd
JIAJIA Tools Company in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, is a specialized company dealing in designing and manufacturing various kinds of woodworking tools. Our main products are Forstner Bit, Carbon Steel Holesaw, Wood Spade Bit, Mutil Angle Drill Bit and so on. All our products are exported to America,Canada and Europe,where JIAJIA products have won great popularity due to excellent quality and timely delivery.

And the MAD Bit is a revolutionary new product which replaces Augers, Spade bits and brad bits. It can form cuts, mills, drills, routers or channels in a curve or as well as straight. Thanks to its ingenious geometry and nine cut edges, resists jumping out channels, and obeys all your directional commands.Everyone knows that the competition is very keen in the field of wood working tools,so the new products are very important for every enterprise to enlarge its market and sale.So our "MAD" bit is an ideal product to develop your company.

Meanwhile our Chisel were purchased by Mannesman in Germany,the quantity is 36000pcs

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