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Today, networks are an essential part of business, education, government, and home communications.LangZu Tech was founded with a vision that network products would become an affordable commodity, allowing anyone to share documents, files, mail, and most of all, ideas between people. LangZu Tech is a leader in network solutions for the SOHO and small business particularly voice over internet protocol (VoIP) devices including IP phones, IP gateway adapters, USB phones, USB adapters and varies earphones. In addition to its products, LangZu Tech provides a broad range of service offerings, including technical support services and advanced OEM and customizaiton services.

Our connectivity and VoIP solutions are designed to enable the sharing of broadband access, voice, video, and data in homes, at businesses, and around the world. For two years, LangZu Techhas defined leading edge, easy-to-use, value-priced broadband solutions for desktop and notebooks for home and corporate LANs.

Families are using LangZu Tech products to make their lives easier by:

>> Placing phone calls over the internet
>> Surfing the internet safely from every room in the house
>> Sending and receiving email
>> Sharing broadband access, music, and video throughout the home and over the internet

Families and SOHO users like telecommuters can take advantage of our simple to install connectivity and VoIP solutions such as VoIP gateway adapters and IP phones to give them more value to their networks. Sharing an Internet connection or a printer or other devices like scanners and CD-ROM drives gives home users the power to communicate and entertain from room to room and across the country safely and securely. The web browser features on many of the routers and gateway solutions allow for simple management and control from anywhere in the world with the use of the Internet. Connecting to other networks like corporate headquarters is an added bonus for telecommuters who need to access files from home or on the road.

Businesses are using LangZu Tech products to enhance productivity by:

>> Doing research over the internet from every desk
>> Teleconferencing and conducting meetings
>> Sending and receiving email
>> Sharing business documents and folders
>> Simple global communications

Businesses- Small, Medium and Enterprise can rely on LangZu Tech for all their networking needs. From low density hubs to high-port density managed switches to cables accessories and print servers, LangZu Tech has a networking device for all types of environments at price points that fit IT demanding budgets. LangZu Techl is committed to providing devices that solve issues and are expandable for growing networks. Our dedicated VAR program and our special promotions give network buyers the tools and incentives to build a network that has high performance and high reliability.

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