Shengong jade carving Co.,Ltd.
We are located the world jade carving the place of origin, Chinese interior city Nanyang, our jade carving industry has over a thousand years history, now, this kind produces already via changes into one kind of culture, the profession jobholders uses completely the jade function, the modern science confirmed the jade to the human body health care function, is other any healthy products is unable to substitute, in the jade includes rich to the human body beneficial mineral substance and the trace element, in the long-term seepage human body cellulary tissue, can improve the microcycle, promotion metabolism, causes its channels and collaterals unimpeded, thus achieved prevention disease, the elimination weary, enhances the human body immunity, postpones senilly, causes the human blood fresh air to be prosperous, The essence is bright, is humanity's rare green health care matter.
We take the jade as the raw material, processes the fine ornament, the beautified life, nuture the personality, down to recovers from an illness and live a long life. Its product uses in fitness directly health care including: The protrusion of the occipital bone, the jade pad, the fitness ball, the massager, the walking stick, the jade combs and so on, has to the human body raises the face, is calm, calms the nerves it to cure the suburb. The long-term cooperation, can cause your spirit to glow, prolongs the life. The jade steps leading to the imperial palace may rub the surface to be possible the scar wrinkle, but also may nourish the hair. It is containing the rich natural gas, to adjusts the nerve, the enhancement memory, the improvement sleep, maintains the exuberant energy to have the remarkable effect.

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