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Health care function has which according to the material record jade, one is has the calorific capacity to be big and the radiating physical property, it may reduce in the blood the oxygen consumption capacity, makes in the blood the enzyme member invariability but to maintain the biggest activeness, strengthens metabolism, enhances each physiological function. Two is the process spectrum survey, the jade has the special photoelectric effect, focuses the stored energy in mining and the manufacture process, forms the magnetic field, produces to the human body beneficial resonance. The jade special molecular structure can launch the remote infrared ray electromagnetic wave which the human body absorbs, this kind of electromagnetism wave length is 8 - 15 microns, sends the body with the human body the remote infrared ray wave length to be consistent, may by the human body resonance absorption. This kind of electromagnetic wave can have the very good biological function to the human body, namely the improvement is called the human body second heart the microcycle, strengthens the human in vivo cell to swallow the saliva function, recovers from an illness and live a long life. Three, to human's hypertension, the neurasthenia, blood vessel of brain disease, the arteriosclerosis and so on many diseases has the special curative effect, may make up the stomach to fortify yang, to nourish yin raises the blood, reduces the wrinkle to dispel the spot, the total effectiveness reaches above 98%.)

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