Rubbo International, Inc.
Rubbo International, Inc. Is a Rubber Manufacturer specialized in rubber extrusion and foaming. We are dedicated to provide premium quality products and OEM services with our award winning design at a low price. Our company and main factory is located Taipei-Taiwan with sales office in both California-USA and secondary factory in Bangkok- Thailand.

In 2003, Feng Chun Rubber Industrial Company and Huge House Enterprise Company, a rubber raw material manufacturing company and a rubber goods manufacturing/exporting company successfully merge together to now known as Rubber International, Inc. Feng Chun was established since 1954 manufacturing the finest rubber and Huge house was formed in 1976 as a well-known rubber manufacturer and exporting company under their trademark of Softouch. The merger of the two companies had expanded its services to all level of rubber manufacturing services with factories located in both Taipei-Taiwan and Bangkok- Thailand.

In 2004, we celebrate the opening of a sales office in California, United States to concentrate in international marketing and sales. In addition, our professional Research& Development( R&D ) team successfully created Rubbo's new line of products by using our innovated rubber making technology. In the future, Rubbo International hopes to concentrate on marketing our products to the international market and continue providing ODM services. Rubbo International will continue focusing on our valuable customers in providing finest quality of rubber products at a low price.

Factory information:

1) taiwan factory
Total factory size:37,500 sq. Ft.
Total employees:120
Year established:1959

2)thailand factory
Total factory size:8,200 sq. Ft.
Total employees:120
Year established:1991

Company Profile

  • Factory Location
    Taiwan, Thailand
  • Established in
  • Business types
    • OEM Manufacturer;ODM Manufacturer;
  • Markets
      North America;West Europe;East Asia;Southeast Asia;Australia / New Zealand;China / Hong Kong;