Shuangyan Magnetic Equipment Factory
Shuangyan Magnetic Equipments Factory is the first technical factory of producing and selling magnetic and health-protective craftworks. It specializes in producing more than 10 varieties and hundreds kinds of products which have the shapes of round bead, protruding bead, hexagon, butterfly bead, square, straight tube, multi- arris, bread and so on. Some have gained more than 20 national patents. Our bracelets, necklaces, earrings and some other magnetic and health-protective accessories have been awarded as the First choice of magnetic and heath-protective products by the commission of First national wedding celebration of national development center of women and children affairs.Being charged by magnet, our magnetic and health-protective decorations can help blood cycle and bring beneficial riptide for human body. The basic theory is to increase the vibrate ions in blood which can stimulate blood cycle. Recently, some medical experts found that magnetic bracelets and necklaces have obivious effects on keeping pressure stable, reducing pressure, preventing high blood pressure, heart and brain illness by stimulating the acupoints in wrists, shoulders and necks. What's more, they also found that by stimulating blood cycle, can adjust incretion system and increase internal cycle power, magnetic accessories have excellent assistant effects on curing stiff waist, backache, limbs numbness, insomnia and headache caused by unbalanced internal cycle and some other reasons. In Europe, America and Southeast Asian countries, magnetic accessories, have been crowned Black Pearl are considered as the best talisman. It follows traditional fashionable colour and gathers nimbus from heaven and earth, so it's named Black Pearl. Shuangyan brand magnetic and health-protective accessories are exquisite and unique which combine heath-protection with fashion. Our factory's management idea is Exist by quality. Shuangyan flies into numerous families, cares people's health and brings good luck to everyone. it is Shuangyan people's most sincere wishes and is also our persistent target.

Main Business: magnetMagnetic Massage Ball magnetic necklace magnetic bracelet magnet artware magnet toy toy jewelry ornaments artware gift bracelet necklace earring bracelet magnetic insole magnetic waist chain toy magnet magnetic bracelet magnetic earring magnetic product magnetic articles for personal adorment magnetic jewelry magnetic artware magnetic present healthful magnetic articles magnetic trinket magnetic sound American football magnetic sound snake egg healthy massage articles

Target client / audience: jewelry wholesaler, toy wholesaler, healthy articles wholesaler, jewelry foreign trade company, toy foreign trade company, healthy articles foreign trade company, marketplace. Shuangyan healthful magnetic jewelry make you possess beauty as well as health.

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