TheFibers Inc.

2002 Award trade tower by Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy

2003 Prize winners, in the (Information and Communication) Inauguration of Venture Business Competitive Exhibition, 2003

2004.01 Establishment of Thefibers Incorporation
03 Launching prototype of HUXCleaner
04 Acquisition of optical communication equipment using order from Agency for Technology
and Standards
05 Choice Arirang TV comercial support compnay by Small and Medium Business Administration
06 Appointment of new technology by Ministry of Information and Communication
09 Exhibition at Photonics Korea

2005.01 Succesion of new technology development and acqusition of IT mark
02 Registration patent of In-Adaptor Ferrule Cleaner at The Korean Intellectual Property Office
03 Exhibition at OFC2005(Anaheim/USA)
05 Attestation of venture company by Small and Medium Business
07 Certied Frontier Business Company by Governer of Gyeonggi Province

2006.03 Launching FIC (Field Installable Connector)

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