Ankara Flour & Synthetic Sack Co.
Wheat Flour

Ankara Un Sanayii A.Ş. has been one of the leading enterprises of Turkish Miller's Trade sector since 1967 when it was established. İlhan CAVCAV, who is the founder and still the Head of Administrative Board, is known as the doyen of the sector between his colleagues in the sector.
While production was made in the factory with daily 85 Ton capacity in the year 1967 when is was established, today daily 900 Ton production capacity has been reached under the roof with the modernization and capacity increasing investments made in the course of time. All units of the factory are equipped with machines and equipment that are products of the latest technology produced by German-BUHLER firm, which is the world leader in the mill machines industry, and the production is controlled by computers.
It has been issued ISO 9002 Quality Management Certificate by SGS Yarsley International Certification Services on 24 November 2000 and later on 23 February 2004 ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Certificate and HACCP Certificate has been issued by T郹 S軵WESTDEUTSCHLAND firm. So it has been proved once more that our company is the leader in Flour and Sack production sector. About 200.000 Tons of Wheat Flour produced every year is submitted to the market domestically and abroad.
Ankara Un Sanayii A.Ş. has been exporting a part of the Wheat Flour produces since 1977. The Firm has also been one of the leading Wheat Flour exporters of Turkey for long years. Jordan, Iran, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Syria, Nigeria, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Nakhichevan are the main countries where exportation is made. In order to have an advantageous position in the intense competition in the flour export, construction of a factory with 250 Ton/day capacity, in Mersin, (Mediterranean) is finished at January, 2003. Also, a wheat purchasing center in Polatlı was finished at July, 2003.

Synthetic Sack

Technical Characteristics of Polypropylene Sack:
Measurement; Width: 20 - 90 cm, Length: Maximum 120 cm. provided that it starts with the desired length.
Capacity; maximum 90.000 sacks can be produced daily.

Press: Double color press can be made on one side and double color press can be made also on the other side. Overlock sewing is made to the mouth of the sack and the desired denier can also be made with fibrillose thread to sew the mouth of the sacks. Sacks that are knitted in the shape of tube are cut with the help of heat in an appropriate shape in the desired length and its bottom is sewed a single or double fold. Moreover, desired denier can also be made with fibrillose thread to sew the mouth of the sacks.

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