Ningbo HZ(Huazheng) Precision Electronics Co.,Ltd.
Ningbo HZ (Huazheng) Precision Electronics Co.,Ltd. is a China's leading professional manufacturer of RF connectors and precision components, With over 8 years of proven performance.We can manufacture a broad range of products, including nearly every RF connector in use today and many kinds of precision parts made from copper,aluminium,zinc and stainless steel.Our product range includes standard off-the-shelf catalog items to custom designed products for special customer requirements. Huazheng is a customer-centric company that is divided into connector and precision part business units in order to better serve our customers' needs.Our current customers are located in North America,Western Europe and Asia.We are also good OEM/ODM supplier of our clients.

We strictly adopts the certified quality assurance system of ISO9001: 2000 edition.Working with state of the art CAD/CAM facilities, modern CNC Equipment, Swiss Screw Machines, Cam Automatic Lathes and other professional equipment in our workshop of 15,000 square meters, coupled with our strong technical expertise and a team of over 120 skilled staff, we are able to significantly reduce costs and shorten lead time,and supply a large range of interconneting products, screw piece parts and precise parts . We promise to provide customers with high levels of service.

At Ningbo HZ Precision Electronics Co.,Ltd. , our mission is to provide high quality products with low costs and service solutions for our customers, while creating a positive environment for our workforce.

Huazheng Main Products:

1.RF Connector: Huazheng RF connectors are widely used in automotive, broadband, instrumentation, internet, military/aerospace and wireless infrastructure markets,such as:
SMA,SMB,SMC,MCX,SSMA,SSMB,BMA,DIN1.0/2.3SERIES,1.6/5.6SERIES,BNC,TNC,N,DIN 7/16,FME,F,Adaptor,Cable Assemblies;Antennas for WLAN,GSM,CDMA,PHS.

2.Precision Components:
a.Precision Components:according to customers' drawings, manufacturing Lock Parts, Axes, Screw Piece Parts, Hardware Parts, Electronic Parts, Optical Instrument Parts, Fitness Equipment Parts, Medical Instruments & Equipment Parts, Sport Fishing Tackle products,Auto Parts and Accessories, etc.

b.Decoration components:decoration products made from copper,aluminium,zinc and stainless steel ,which are used at mobile phone stores, banks, airports and luxury construction.

Company Profile

  • Factory Location
    Ningbo, China
  • Business types
    • OEM Manufacturer
    • ODM Manufacturer
  • Markets
      North America / South America / Caribbean / West Europe / East Europe / Russia / East Asia / Southeast Asia / Mid-East / Africa / Australia / New Zealand / China / Hong Kong