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Dear Sirs/Ms,
Greetings from China. This is Levin from ZHENJIANG WELKIN ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.I want to introduce two main kinds of products for you buyer abroad especially from U.S.
Knap zapper (guardian angel for drivers)
This is a doze alert device that helps prevent fatigue related automobile accidents. It's wearing on the ear of a driver and works on the principle of electronic balance. If you start to nod off while you are driving and your head falls forward, the smart nap-zapper will buzz in your ear and help you avoid the danger of falling asleep at the wheel. The alarm is about the size of an external hearing aid and weighs about 16g. It fits snugly around one ear and will stay in place even when glasses are worn.
L Electronic Ballasts and Energy-saving Fluorescent Lamps
The Quality Assurance program is compliant with ISO 9001, UL and FCC certificates. Our products, which made especially for the USA markets, and completely accord with the international and folk standards, includes: WK-T8-232/IS/120SC, WK-T8-232/IS/277SC, WK-T8-432/IS/120SC and WK-T8-432/IS/277SC, etc. Any of the above four kinds of ballasts can load the two-tubes and 4-tubes as below: F17T8﹜FB24T8﹜F25T8﹜F25T12﹜FB31T8﹜F32T8﹜F40T8.The main properties are: input voltage 120V/277V, PF≡0.99, THD≒10%, life span≡5years.
After our participating the 2004 Sino-U.S. Economic Matchmaking Conference in Shanghai, we clearly knew that the communication between our two middle business enterprises is crucial for both parties.!!address
Jing 5 Rd, Zhenjiang Economic Development Zone, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu

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