Shanghai Yudin electric Co., Ltd., Yueqing Yudin electric Co., Ltd., specialize in the mini circuit breaker(MCB), mould case circuit breaker(MCCB)and residual current circuit breaker(RCCB, RCB), socket and switch at home.

The company products are used in the electric leakage overvoltage protection that the terminal circuit overload of the low-voltage electric apparatus shorts out extensively, it is of our country rural power grids, city network transformation that form a complete set ideal product that use. Our aim is omni-directional electric applications of development, realize the production automation energy-efficient, with strong dependability and security, make people's comfortable peacefulness of life. Our products are with the best quality, the best price all the time, the honestest attitude, for the providing safeguard safely with the electricity of you. Our commercial network spreads all over all parts of the country, when you are problematic to YUDIN, can always obtain the fastest answer and the most satisfactory service.

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