Yu Chun International Development Co., Ltd.
Yu Chun International Development Co., Ltd. is devoted to developing and researching the far infrared ray products and is operated with the ideas of enthusiasm, service, technique, and the concern for life since it was set up in June 1994.
The all kinds of energy elements that we adopt are, based on the principle of conservation of energy, extracted from the deep mineral of the nature. The positive energy, therefore, can exist on the products permanently. The most important is that our products are quite different from the general energy products with oxide elements. Although those products may have a brief effect, they can't last forever. If they are used for a long time, they may cause negative energy and do harm to our bodies.
Modern science and technology provide a convenient life for human beings; however, it also provides a great impact and stress on people's bodies and minds. In view of the respect and the concern for life and the concept of health care, for past years, our R & D department has spent much time on developing and researching the deep mineral materials for creating positive energy products. Our purpose is that we hope our products can help people to have a health body and get a benefit of health care by our far infrared ray products.

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