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Our corporation can produce all kinds of tubular product according to national standard and world standard, and the products have already reached the international most advanced level, among them several products have obtained the national patent.

Our products are applied to the fields, such as Aero-Space, petrochemical industry, car making, medical machinery, sea water ocean, electric power, papermaking, food,..etc.extensively. Since the corporation established to such countries and regions as America, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, DPRK, Taiwan and won the wide recognition from domestic and overseas customers.

  • 1. Hot-Rolled Production Line:
    • It is 3 meters wide, 19.5 meters of long ones fire one heating furnace of coal gas. One set of 170 piercer, extending machine respectively. Seven sets of fixing diameter machine, which can produce 76-219 hot rolling tube.
  • 2. Cold-Rolled Production Line:
    • Two sets of LG80, LG55, LG30 tow rollers cold rolling machine respectively, which can produce 6-89 cold rolling tube.
  • 3. Cold Drawing Production Line:
    • One set of 150 ton, 110 ton, 65 ton cold drawing maching respectively. One set of 10 ton, 20 ton tow chain cold drawing machine respectively, which can produce 6-426 cold drawing tube.
  • 4. Accurate Tube Production Line:
    • Three sets of LD60 three rollers of precise rolling mills, tow sets of LD30 three rollers of precise rolling mills, one set of LDD12, LDD8 four line of precise rolling mill respectively.
  • 5. Fittings Production Line of Automobile:
    • It can form a complete set and produce automobile spare part, etc. for China brand car and heavy truck, Jinan of China.
  • 6. The Production of Science and Technology;
    • A: Running water, petroleum and chemical industry, oil field, heating powerpipeline, the series of products preventing frostbite winter.
    • B: High-efficient radiator products, such as computer CPU, display card, etc.
    • C: Automobile, motorcycle engine, gear wheel gearbox, high-efficient radiator products.
    • D: Oil field, coal gas, running water, heating power, petrochemical industry valve protecting device products.
    • E: The automatic control adjustable radiator products.
    • F: The lock products in magnetic password.
  • 7. Polishing Production Line of Tube Used for The Cleaners and Polishes:
    • It can produce stainless steel tube of differdnt specification that the cheaners and polishes used.

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